Based on our 24 years of trade and 11 years of sectoral experience, our only goal is to be a leader by providing perfect customer satisfaction in this long road we have entered in order to be an excellent solution in terms of quality / price balance in the industrial cleaning sector and to gain an indispensable place.

As we move forward on the path of leadership, our aim is to mutually enjoy the trade we do. The first stage of this is the smile for us. We promise you will smile when you trade with us!

We are aware of the importance of production and shipping processes as well as the appropriate pricing required to ensure customer satisfaction. That's why we take a step forward in mutual trust by only promising what we believe we can deliver on time and as agreed.

Since we do not change our raw material suppliers, all the products we make can be offered with the same quality in every shipment. Thus, we prevent a new surprise in every order.

As a response to our customers' expectation of a one-stop solution, we are able to specially supply equipment that is not in our portfolio.

Commonly in our sector; In response to the creation of price categories by producing various alternatives of the same product, we have made this distinction more understandable by producing different brands so that our customers can make this distinction more easily.

The expansion of 3 different brands that we have created based on our transparency principle is as follows:

 COSSIN: Professional products that we offer as premium quality.

 RECTUS: In order to balance the price, they are professional products of high quality but not premium. This issue can be summarized as lighter weight for mops and variables in their components for equipment.

 MOLLIX: Produced with a competitive price focus. They are generally of the usual quality of the market and are not suitable for heavy work.

As another reflection of this amateur spirit and our transparency principle, photo correction effects are not used especially in our mop images, in order not to show our products any different than they are.

We would be happy to see you among us in our company, which works professionally, quickly and reliably with clear principles without sacrificing quality.

If it's our promise, then it's true!

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